Say hello to Dawn Ward, Operations Manager, Building Remediation

31 October 2023 | Written by Samirah Baurtally

When and how did you join the company?

I have worked within the residential property sector since 1998 and joined Innovus in May 2021 as a regional manager. Most buildings within my region had Building Safety Fund applications and I was responsible for progressing these applications.

I realised that I was becoming more involved with remediation projects than day to day management, which led to me transferring to the Building Remediation Team in December.

How does your team help our clients and customers?

We support our clients with the remediation of build related defects via Government funding or developer remediation. We ensure that they have access to the most up to date and relevant information to enable them to make informed decisions affecting their building.

My team also issues updates to leaseholders and residents to share information around the remediation of their buildings and how it may affect them – more so in the construction stage when they are living in on a live construction site.

What is unique about Innovus?

As a team, we mostly come from a property management background; this enables us to fully understand and have empathy for the leaseholders. Most projects that we are working on will require balconies to be blocked off and in some cases, a suspension of parking spaces or loss of amenity areas.

While this is essential to maintain a safe construction site and have areas for site offices, material storage, we appreciate that the development is also a home to our many customers. We work closely with developers, project managers, and contractors to ensure that this is always considered.

What has been your proudest moment?

It’s difficult to pinpoint one at the moment but it will definitely be when all buildings are remediated, and leaseholders no longer live in buildings with external wall fire safety risks.


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