Say hello to Chris Cahill, Programme Manager, Building Remediation

31 October 2023 | Written by Beverley Kloos

When and how did you join the company?

I joined in 2014 as a Customer Service Advisor. I was interested in the complexities of the property industry and the attention to detail required.

What are the responsibilities of your team?

As a member of a wider team dedicated to the building remediation sector, our primary objective is to ensure that buildings are safe and functional for their occupants. The project management function is crucial to achieving this objective, and my team is specifically responsible for ensuring the successful delivery of each project we undertake. We ensure that projects meet the needs of our clients as well as the business.

How does your team help our clients and customers?

We ensure our client and customer buildings are safe, functional, and regulation compliant.

What is unique about Innovus?

Our dedication to continuous improvement. Having the capacity to understand when things aren’t working as well as they should be and making the necessary changes to improve. This requires constant evaluation to remain responsive to changing needs.

What has been your proudest moment?

I would have to say taking control of the building registration project. It was challenging due to the amount of data involved and the need for cross-functional collaboration. I worked with internal and external teams to collect and analyse data, to identify key pieces of information required for building registration and ensure that all of the necessary data was organised and accessible. It was incredibly fulfilling to receive positive feedback on the completion of this task.


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