Mandatory Identity Verification for Company Registrations

7 November 2023 | Written by Beverley Kloos

Business Services

Earlier this year, the UK Government announced that anyone registering companies or filing with the Registrar will soon have to prove who they are by verifying their identity.  

The Government says the new rules will make it much harder to register fictitious directors or beneficial owners and stop the vast majority of fraudulent appointments from reaching the Companies House register. 

This will apply to all new and existing directors, People with Significant Control, and the majority of those delivering documents to the Registrar (the exception being individuals who are either themselves corporate service providers who have been specifically authorised by the registrar, or officers or employees of firms which are authorised corporate service providers).  

Companies already on the register will have a transition period in which to verify these identities.  

The measures will require secondary legislation and guidance before coming into effect.  

Innovus Head of Professional Services Zara Taylor says: “We welcome this news. Businesses will have greater assurance when consulting the Companies House register to research potential suppliers and partners. As a trusted service provider, we will ensure we meet the new standards, and we also have the experience and knowledge to advise new and existing directors on the new requirements.”  


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