Meet Richard Barlow, our Asset Portfolio Manager 

26 February 2024 | Written by Beverley Kloos

Richard Barlow, our Asset Portfolio Manager, talks about his role and the importance of keeping up to date with property industry trends and legislation.  

When and how did you join the company? 

I previously worked in the United States. When I returned to the UK, I attended a recruitment open day for the company in 2013. I joined and over the years, my career has progressed to heading up our asset portfolio team.  

What is your team responsible for?  

We look after a major client which has a property portfolio of over 45,000 units. Apart from collecting the ground rent and dealing with insurance, my team specifically looks after aspects of the lease which are in favour of the Landlord. These include, but not limited to, administering changes to the property (alterations), property transfers, remortgages, deeds of variations, lease extensions, enfranchisements, subletting, pet consents, along with other matters such as over-sailing, mobile masts, fibre optic and rights of light.  

How important is to keep up to date with industry changes?  

Throughout our business, we are all very mindful of regulatory changes and new legislation within the property industry. It’s the same for our department – for example, with Leasehold Reform. I make it my priority to keep up to date with all of the discussions taking place to ensure we are absolutely prepared for any changes. As a business, we all strive to be leaders within the property industry and set a positive tone by acting in our clients and customers’ best interests.  

What is your proudest achievement?  

Professionally, being able to introduce more efficient ways of working. There is always room for improvement in everything we do, but it’s having the leeway and accountability to actually make changes. From a personal standpoint, apart from my two boys, it would be a conservation project I worked on in Africa, involving using sport as a tool to teach conservation issues with local schoolchildren. It was an incredible and humbling experience.  

What makes Innovus unique from its competitors? 

It’s many things. Our heritage, our background – and our culture. The company I joined back in 2013 has significantly changed and grown, but it still retains its strong values and a personalised client and customer approach. As an employee, you know that your individual work and contribution is recognised and valued. And more importantly for me, it’s knowing I’m working for a company with a strong moral compass, which suits my own viewpoint – and I know for our customers too.  


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