Say hello to Luke Twiselton , our Asset Compliance and Reporting Manager

31 October 2023 | Written by Beverley Kloos

When and how did you join the company?

I joined in 2015. I previously worked for NatWest for around five years but wanted a fresh start. I joined the credit control team and worked my way up from there.

What are the responsibilities of your team?

The Asset Management team covers offers a wide range of services. We deal with leaseholder consents and queries, rent reviews and lease interpretation, client reporting and growth.

I think a major one that is sometimes missed is that we strive to keep leaseholders safe whether that be from making sure the building and managing agents are compliant or through progressing matters with the Building Safety Fund.

How does your team help our clients and customers?

We provide several reports in a clear manner so that our clients have full access to their data when they need it. We are also able to react to ad hoc requests quickly and efficiently. As for our customers, I feel our communication is key. We are contactable by phone and email, and we endeavour to keep everyone updated if there are changes.

What is unique about Innovus?

Our unique thinking. Not every matter is the same and as such, everything that we come across is treated in its own way. Although we pull from our experienced team, we do not operate a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

What has been your proudest moment?

Being nominated for the ‘Brand Ambassador’ award at our latest company employee awards.


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