Say hello to Helen Alexander, our Accounts Payable Manager

31 October 2023 | Written by Beverley Kloos

When and how did you join the company?

I joined in December 2013 through an agency. It was a last-minute interview and I literally had about 30 minutes to do my research! 

What are the responsibilities of your team? 

If you think of residential property estates and sites across the country, think of all the suppliers and contractors working on the communal areas – gardening, cleaning bins, lifts, insurances etc.  My team receive invoices for all these services and pay contractors on a weekly basis once all mandatory checks have been made.

How does your team help our clients and customers?

Paying invoices quickly ensures suppliers continue to work on the sites. And well-maintained sites mean happy residents. 

What is unique about Innovus? 

The company really looks after its employees. When people join us, they follow a journey. There is consistency across the whole of the business to ensure we nurture staff to follow our company values.  We also have mandatory e-learning courses on topics including GDPR guidance, fire safety, and inclusion and diversity. 

What has been your proudest moment?

Watching, training, and motivating young apprentices develop and grow within the company. Some of which have been with us for eight years and are now in a more senior position!


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