A day in the life of our Assistant Accounts Receivable Manager, James Unwin  

30 October 2023 | Written by Samirah Baurtally

When I start work, I will get all systems up and running that I will need for the day, double check our team rota so I know what tasks each of the team are processing and, of course, make sure I have a coffee to start the day with. 

I am responsible for assisting with the day to day managing of the Accounts Receivable team. I work with our three team leaders to make sure we have daily strategies in place, prioritising and moving resources where necessary.  

My main objectives for the day are to set the team up for the day, making sure everyone knows what they are doing to allow us to meet our service level agreements and to put attention into answering complex queries regarding customer payments that have come to my attention. I also provide monthly reports to the Operations teams that assist with them driving digital payments on Retirement developments. 

My daily routine always includes most importantly, checking in with the team if they need assistance to offer my support and guidance. We have a team call each morning to make sure we all start the day in the same page. I will work through a list of ongoing items for resolution. This could be checking for responses to queries that I am awaiting. And quite often looking through leases to identify payment terms of service charges for leaseholders. No two days are the same though, which I quite enjoy. 

I am proud of our team in Accounts Receivable. We have faced many challenges which have made us more resilient, and by working together and sharing our ideas, or coming up with solutions as a team, we are continuously gaining strength. 

The best part of my working day is helping and supporting our team by aiding with complex queries and sharing my knowledge to help the team grow to enable us to offer a better journey for customers. 


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