Over 13,000 Dutyholders Meet Building Registration Deadline

2 November 2023 | Written by Beverley Kloos

Building Solutions

The beginning of October marked the deadline for dutyholders (or Principal Accountable Persons) to register high-rise residential buildings with the Building Safety Regulator Scheme. And, within days of the 1st October deadline, over 13,000 dutyholders had started or completed their applications.  

The information provided will be used by the Building Safety Regulator to help it prioritise buildings for the building assessment certificate process, which will begin in April 2024.  

Innovus Director of Building Remediation Sara Davies says: “Building registration is a major step to ensure high-rise residential buildings are safe for residents and users. It is encouraging to see the majority of dutyholders have recognised their legal duty to meet these obligations.” 

To find out more about how we can help you navigate the complexities of the building safety regulations, simply get in touch with our building safety experts.


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