Prepare for the new building safety framework

18 December 2023 | Written by Beverley Kloos

Building Solutions

The Building Safety Regulator will begin assessing Building Assessment Certificate applications from April 2024.

If you own or manage an occupied high-rise residential building (as the Principal Accountable Person), you will need to begin collecting information to prepare a safety case report, which identifies your building’s major fire and structural hazards. It also shows how you are managing the risks as far as you can.

You must:

  • Prepare a building safety case, together with a safety case report. The safety case should evidence that you have assessed all aspects of the building, understand any potential risks and taken all reasonable steps to control them.
  • Apply for a building assessment certificate when directed by the Building Safety Regulator.
  • Submit the safety case report to the Building Safety Regulator for review

Detailed, accurate information about the building will be critical when preparing the safety case report. It will include information about how your building was built (including the design intent – why it was built the way it was).

You will need to Include any changes that have been made since it was first built, and the measures in place to control building safety risks, as well as detailed plans of the building, risk assessment reports, subsequent actions, and timelines for completion, and much more.

As part of your building safety case, you will also need to prepare and submit a resident engagement strategy in order to demonstrate full understanding of the profile of the residents living in the building, as well as detailed plans for effectively communicating building safety updates and information with residents.

Our experts will produce and maintain the safety case report for your building and ensure the correct supporting documentation is included to meet this legislation.


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